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The Main sport of New Zealand is Rugby it is kind of like football and cricket witch is like Baseball but you get 2 wrickets a flat bat

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Q: What is new zealand's main sport?
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Whats New Zealands Favourite Sport?


Famous sports in New Zealand?

new zealands famous sport would have to be rugby as we really get into it go all blacks

New Zealands main oil producing city?

New Plymouth

What is new zealands main features?

Mountains! Hills! Rivers and Lakes! :)

What is new zealands favourite sport?

sfh wydbh nsdnbvfusdhfhxdbvgsdhbfsdhbcvhsdbfhsdbghgdsvdgvsgdvasgvdgsggggggggggggggggggggggggggg sfh wydbh nsdnbvfusdhfhxdbvgsdhbfsdhbcvhsdbfhsdbghgdsvdgvsgdvasgvdgsggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

New zealands 3 main exports?

Wool, meat and dairy Wool, meat and dairy

What is new zealands fruit?


What is New Zealands biggest rock?

New Zealands biggest rock is a beach rock they can be as big as a big big super big mountin

What is New Zealands smallest bird?

the rifleman

Is there a Target on New Zealands South Island?

no there is not

Who is New Zealands Government?

John Key

What is New Zealands export?

Dairy products.