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hey cat valentine im a big fan and i was wondering if you could lone me your number cause i am 11 and i want to talk to a super star

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Q: What is cat valentine from victorious number?
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Who does Ariana Grande play in Victorious?

Catarina "Cat" Valentine

Is Ariana Grande from victorious?

Yes. She play as Caterina (Cat) Valentine.

Which victorious character is Ariana Grande's favourite?

Probably hers, Cat Valentine.

What person was valentines named after?

Cat Valentine from the TV series Victorious on Nickelodeon.

What app does cat valentine use to get free stuff on victorious?

um, its a tv show.

Who does cat valentine from victorious sing like?

in victorious freak the freak out, she sings with Jade, and they sound quite similar! She is very good at singing!

What is cats last name in victorious?

Hendleman seriously! her name is Cat Valentine -.-"

When is the cat valentine doll coming out from victorious?

There is not gonna b a cat doll There is a Cat Valentine doll, search it on eBAY, but really expensive. The release date is unknown, but maybe in 1-5 months hoping!

Who is the girl that has red hair from victorious?

Her name is Cat Valentine on the show but her real name is Ariana Grande

What is the redhead girl name form victorious?

On the show her name is Cat Valentine. Her real name is Ariana Grande

Where did cat valentine in victorious get the skystore book from?

The real name of those magazines is Sky Mall. You can get them on air planes.

What is Cat Valentine's favorite song from her favorite musical?

It's the song she sang in the Victorious episode Tori Goes Platinum.