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A Nickelodeon jukebox was a phonograph with stethoscope-like earphones attached to it. Nickelodeons, which were popular in penny arcades and amusement centers in the 1890s, received their name because patrons paid a nickel to listen to a short musical recording.

Cited from The Dynamics of Mass Communication 10th Edition by Joseph R. Dominik p. 176 ****** Nickelodeon is a very broad term. It also referred to player pianos or amusement establishments as a whole. By the 1930's jukeboxes were very common in most places of amusement and the general price for one song was a nickel. So the term sort of stuck with it. Jukeboxes were popular in all cultures. Jukejoints were black establishments so the term "jukebox" derived from that in the early 1930's. The name stuck with the machine for the rest of eternity. Gone nickelodeon - enter jukebox. Nickelodeon was a term most people used through the war years. Jukebox became more well known after the war with the advent of re-bop music.

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Q: What is a nickelodeon jukebox?
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