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Her real name is Naya Rivera.

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Q: What is Santana Lopez's real Name glee?
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What is Santana's real name off of glee?

Naya Rivera.

What is Jessie's name out of glee real name?


Is Santana and Brittany from glee gay in real life?

no just on the show!

What Is the name of the new girl in Glee?

josy is her real name but i dont know her name in glee

What is Mercedes name from glee?

Mercedes Jones from Glee's real name is Amber Riley.

What is Quin in glee real name?

say all the actress in glee

Are Juelz Santana and Merlin Santana brothers?

No they are not related. Juelz Santana is not his real name (Just a stage name), he was born La Ron James. And any how Merlin Santana (Romeo) is Dominican.

What is Quinn fabary real name on glee?

Her real name is Dianna Agron.

What is Noah Puckerman from Glee's real name?

his real name is mark sailing.

What is fredo Santana's real name?

Derrick Coleman.

Racheal from glee what her real life name?

The character "Rachel" from Glee is portrayed by Lea Michele in real life.

What is puck in glee's real name?

Noah Puckerman