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It's probably George. It was established in an NCIS LA episode that his grandfather's name was George, and it's common for people to name their kids after their parents. So it's very possible that Callen's first name is George.

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His legal name is G. Callen. He does not know his true first name because no one has ever told him. This is because his parents left him when he was a kid and all he ever found out was it started with a G. So thus his name is G. Callen.

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Chris O'Donnell is the actor for callen

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Q: What is Agent Callens first name on NCIS Los Angeles?
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What is callens name from ncis Los Angeles?


What is callens real name?

The name of his character in NCIS Los Angeles is G Callen. His real name is Chris O'Donnell. He is the head of the NCIS team in Los Angeles and reports to Hetty. He is similar to the Gibbs character in original NCIS but isn't so senior to the other characters. So, he shares a friendly kind of rapport with other characters.

Who is the 'special agent in charge on ncis los angeles?

G. callen

Is Sasha Alexander agent Kate Todd on NCIS?

Yes, Sasha Alexander plays Agent Todd in the first two seasons of NCIS.

When did first female agent appear on NCis?

special agent Caitlin "kate" todd she got killed off on the finale of the second series.

Who is the blond agent on ncis los angeles on last tue night?

That would be detective Marty Deeks from LAPD or Agent Girodonno(sp.)from u.s. treasury

When will the spinoff of NCIS with Chris O'Donnell air for the first time?

Answer The NCIS spinoff or NCIS Los Angeles will air in the fall of 2009. Answer 22nd September 2009, 9pm on CBS

What is NCIS Los Angeles theme song?

The NCIS: Los Angeles theme song is a variation of "Zoosters Breakout"

Where can you find every episode of NCIS? type in ncis it also has ncis los angeles

Who is Hettie on NCIS?

Hetty is the Operations Manager at NCIS in Los Angeles.

Where can you watch NCIS Los Angeles episode 1?

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Is NCIS Los Angeles better than the original NCIS?

In my opinion, no. NCIS: LA is still good though.