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He supports Chelsea London as seen in this article

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He supports Chelsea FC

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He supports Chelsea FC.

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Q: What football team does Jeremy clarkson from Top Gear support?
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Who is the oldest presenter on Top Gear?

Jeremy Clarkson.

Has Jeremy Clarkson died?

Jeremy Clarkson is currently alive and well. No information has indicated that he is ill.

Is Jeremy Clarkson a legend?

Jeremy Clarkson is a well-known author, journalist, and broadcaster. He is recognized for his role on the British show Top Gear and is not considered a legend.

The presents of Top Gear?

Richard hammond James May Jeremy Clarkson

Who is Jeremy Clarkson?

Jeremy Clarkson (born April 11, 1960 in Doncaster) is an English broadcaster and journalist, most noted for his role on the BBC TV series Top Gear.

What is guys name on Top Gear?

Jeremy Clarkson James May and Richard Hammond

What was the song by Will young as played on Top Gear when Jeremy clarkson was in the car?

Grace by Will Young.

Who presented Top Gear in series 1?

Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond The Black Stig

Who is 'The Hamster'?

Richard Hammond is referred to as "The Hamster" by Jeremy Clarkson on a show called "Top Gear"

Best paid Top Gear presenter?

Jeremy Clarkson He gets paid around £1,300,000 a year

The best car on top gear?

Ford gt jeremy clarkson even said so himself

Who have been the presenters of Top Gear?

There are 3 presenters: - Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - The Stig