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293 i think

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Q: What episode of one piece nami vs kalifa of CP9?
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Which of the CP9 does Sanji defeat and which does he lose to?

Sanji is rendered helpless by Kalifa due to her Awa Awa no Mi powers and his inability to hit a woman. After Nami challenges her in his place though, Sanji goes on to defeat Jyabura.

In the anime manga series One Piece how old are the CP9 members Kaku Jyabura Kalifa Blueno Kumadori Fukurou Nero Spandam?

cp9's agesKaku is 23 and Rob Lucci is 28. That's all i know

What episode did usopp join the straw hat pirates?

The Thousand Sunny is first shown in episode 321.

When does zoro get his 2nd bounty?

After he saves robin from the world government and defeats CP9

Does Vivi ever appear after the end of season 4 of One Piece?

Vivi gives a slight appearance after the incident with the CP9, when other people of Arabasta see the recent bounty posters. She does not contact Luffy, and her appearance is limited to a couple pages.

What happened to Kaku after Zoro defeated him?

He and the rest of CP9 recover Rob Lucci and set off. He works, as a giraffe, to earn money for Lucci's medical bills. Once recovered they defeat a pirate crew, travel to CP9 training grounds, defeat marines, and threaten Spandam

Whem does luffy get gear 2nd?

He says he comes up with it after losing to Aokiji, but he first uses it and mentions it against CP9's Blueno

When did Luffy beat Lucci?

Luffy does not kill Rob Lucci. He defeats him in episode 309, though Lucci survives the encounter, critically wounded. He appears in a manga cover story, along with the rest of CP9, as they raise funds for his medical treatment, and revisit the island on which they were trained. Lucci reappears in the Dressrosa arc, now as a member of CP-0.

What is One Piece season 3 sixth voyage release date?

Funimation announced some months ago that they acquired new episodes of One Piece, (206-263), which concludes the G-8 arc and begins the CP9 saga, taking us up to the end of the Water 7 Arc. Expected to be released in the summer sometime...but no actual set date yet. Not sure if you found out by ow...but good to answer for those who were looking for an answer.

Who are the members of cp9 in one piece?

The members are, Spandam, the leader. Easily recognised by a mask covering his damaged face, Spandam has no special powers of his own (he is weaker than a regular marine) However he uses a sword which has been merged with an elephant devil fruit, to create a sword-elephant hybrid. It is named Funkfreed. Rob Lucci, a tall man wearing a top hat. He uses the zoan devil fruit, Neko Neko no Mi: Model Leopard. He has a pet pigeon called Hattori. Jabra, a man with a scar over one eyebrow, braided hair and wears a martial art-style costume. He uses the zoan devil fruit, Inu Inu no Mi: Model Wolf. He has a pet rooster, unnamed. Fukuro, a man with a spherical body, and a zipper over his mouth. He has no devil fruit abilities but has the power to determine an individual's power level. Kaku, who has a long square-ended nose. He uses the zoan devil fruit, Ushi Ushi no Mi: Model Giraffe, along with his skill with swords. Blueno, a dour-faced man with broad shoulders and whose hair seems to be shaped into cow horns. He ate the paramecia devil fruit, Doa Doa no Mi, making him a Door-man. He can create doors in other objects, including living beings and thin air. Kumadori, wearing a kabuki costume, and with long pink hair. He has no devil fruit powers, but has learned the ultimate form of body control, life release. This lets him (amongst other things) increase and decrease his body weight, and manipulate his hair to use it as a weapon. Kalifa, the only female agent. Kalifa ate the Awa Awa no Mi, a paramecia-type devil fruit, making her a Soap-woman. Nero, who wears a wide-brimmed hat and has buck teeth. He lost against Franky and was attacked by Rob Lucci, his current status is unknown. Laskey, who has grey hair and thin glasses. He is a former CP9 agent, and Kalifa's father. Spandine, an old man with a long beard. He was CP9's chief before the role passed to his son, Spandam.

What episode does Usopp get his kabuto?

If I can remember correctly, the Strawhats gathered on the edge of the bridge at Judiciary Island and confronted the CP9, Robin and Franky, who faced them on the small floating island above the giant waterfall. Usopp, disguised as Soge King, presented everybody with his new weapon, Kabuto, when Luffy asked him to burn down the Marines flag. From what i can remember, i don't think there was an episode explaining how Usopp got his new weapon.. Anyways it's on either episodes: 278 or 274 =]

When does luffy learn third gear?

He learns gear third during his fight with Rob Lucci trying to save Nico Robin from the world government.