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Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys is featured in Audition, the first episode of Season Two.

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season 2 episode 1

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Q: What episode of glee do they sing empire state of mind?
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What does Mercedes sing in glee seson 2 episode 1?

Mercades sings "Bust Your Windows" and "Hate On Me" and participates in all the other group songs, including "Somebody to Love," "Don't Stop Believing," "Take a Bow."

When did the glee episode original song first come out?

These are some of the best songs from the show Glee Glee: The Music Volume 1- Don't Stop Believin', Gold Digger, Keep Holding On Glee: The Music Volume 2- Proud Mary, You Can't Always Get What You Want, My Life Would Suck Without You Glee: The Music Volume 3- Bad Romance, Physical, Hello Goodbye Glee: Madonna- Express Yourself, Like a Virgin Glee: Warblers- Teenage Dream, Hey Soul Sister, Raise Your Glass, Candles, Somewhere Only We Know Glee: The Music Volume 4- Empire State of Mind, Forget You, Marry You Glee: Love Songs- Don't Go Breaking my Heart Glee: The Music Volume 5- Thriller/Heads Will Roll, Loser Like Me, Get It Right, Don't You Want Me Glee: The Music Volume 6- Rolling in The Deep, Pretending, Light Up The World, Go Your Own Way, Don't Stop Others: I love New York/ New York, New york, u can't touch this, walking on sunshine/halo, rehab, Friday

Teen Titans what episode does robin go into ravens mind?

He never goes into her mind. She tells him not to. Raven, however, went inside his mind in the episode "Haunted"

What song does Jenna start singing on the boat in 30 rock season 1 episode 2?

New York State Of Mind by Billy Joel.

What happened to sam on glee?

According to Ryan Murphy, Sam will NOT be Kurt's love interest- BUT he also said Idina wouldn't be Rachel's mother. Their are subtle moments in 2x04 that suggest Sam IS in fact gay and in the closet. My theory is that Darren Criss (another new, gay character) is going to serve as a catalyst for Kurt and Sam's relationship.

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What were the songs in glee episode 23?

Empire State of mind, Telephone, and Billionaire

Who sings empire state of mind on glee?

Finn Hudson, Artie Abrams, Mike Chang, Puck, Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray, Santana, Brittany Pierce, Mercedes and Kurt sing the song "Empire State of Mind" in Glee. Sam Evans taps his foot along with the song and Sunshine sings quietly to herself. This is when Rachel believes Sunshine idolizes her.

When was Empire State of Mind created?

Empire State of Mind was created on 2009-10-20.

What does BK mean in the song empire state of mind?

BK in the song Empire State of Mind means Beyonce' Knowles

What songs do they do at a glee concert?

i dont know all of them, but i know they r doing 'toxic' 'empire state of mind' 'billlionaire' and 'dont stop believin' im going and i am soo excited! gleeky

Is empire state of mind a ballad?

No it is not.

What is the name of the song that has the Empire State Of Mind beat by Alicia Keyes and Jay Z but has different lyircs?

Empire State of Mind

What song is better empire state of mind or run this town?

Well, i really like both of them, but i think "Empire State of Mind" is better

What CD has empire state of mind on it?

Jay-z sings empire state of mind with Alicia keys. The Blueprint 3.

Does empire state of mind have similes in it?


What is in stall for glee 2011?

there will be new songs such as billionare, teenage dream, empire state of mind and more. Finn gets chucked off the football team by the new coach biiste and sue will become principle :)

What note does empire state of mind start on?