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Season 8 episode 12 darkness on the edge of town

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Q: What episode of One Tree Hill does jamie and brooke almost die in?
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What episode is when jamie is kidnapped in One Tree Hill?

Season 5, Episode 12

What season and episode on One Tree Hill do brooke and Julian get married?

Season 8 episode 13

What episode of One Tree Hill does brooke find out she cant have a baby?


Does Jamie almost drown with Brooke and Julian in One Tree Hill?

In season 8, Jamie gets into a car accident with his teacher and two other students. Brooke happens to be driving by and gets the teacher and other student out of the car but Jamie is trapped. While trying to cut through Jamie's seatbelt, a drunk driver hits their car, plunging it into the river. Julian jumps in to save them and eventually manages to get them both out of the water, but Brooke wasn't breathing. He does CPR and revives her, and Jamie is unharmed.

Does brooke drown on One Tree Hill?

no she almost does but Julian revives her

Did brook and jamie off of One Tree Hill die in the episode?


Which season and episode of One Tree Hill does Jamie get chased in a corn field?

Nanny Carrie wants Jamie to herself and chases him through a corn field in season 6, episode 5.

What happens in the last episode of One Tree Hill season 6?


In what episode of One Tree Hill do lucas and Peyton get married?

Season 6 Episode 23 - Forever and Almost Always

Who is Brooke Davis's best friend on One Tree Hill?

Peyton Sawyer is Brooke's best friend on One Tree Hill.

Will brooke die in 8 season of One Tree Hill?

no she doesn't, there was a terrible storm and miss lauren's car crashed. The passengers included Jamie, Madison, Chuck and miss Lauren. Brooke and Julian had a fight and Brooke decided to take a drive, and on her way finding chuck in the middle of the road with a wound to his head. Brooke free's miss Lauren and Madison from the car, and took themselves along with Chuck to the hospital as Chucks condition worsened. As Brooke was trying to free Jamie from his seatbelt which was locked, a car ramped up the back of them sending them into the river. Eventually the car started sinking, Julian managed to free Jamie, but Brooke had managed to get her leg stuck under the steering wheel. Brooke fell unconscious and as Julian bought Brooke to land he started to perform CPR, eventually saving Brooke's life. KEEP WATCHING! One Tree Hill is an amazing series, I've just finsihed watching it from the very beginning to the very end for the 500th time.

One One Tree Hill what is Brooke middle name?

Brooke Penelope Davis.

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