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Q: What empires did not invade India during its history?
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Who first invaded India?

Tamerlane invaded India, but he wasn't the first to invade. The first person to invade India was Shun Johan. So Shun Johan was the first to invade India.

Why did the British invade Vietnam?

They didn't, the British were in Burma & India fighting against the Japanese Army during WWII.

Where did Alexander invade?


Did the British invade India in 1999?


When did Tamerlane invade India?


What were India's first empires?

There was a couple of first empires but two major ones were the Gupta and the Mauryan empires. Hope this helped!

When did Nadir Shah invade India?

Nadir Shah invaded India in 1739, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah. He defeated Muhammad Shah in the battle of Karnal and later sacked Delhi. When he went back to Iran, he carried with him immense riches from India including the famous Peacock Throne.

Which nation was invaded by the Huns and Greek and Persians during its history?


What year did the Persians invade India?


Who invade northern India in the 1520s?


What year did Tamerlane invade India?

1398 .

When did Alexander invade India?

326 b.C.