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(Reach up for the) Sunrise

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Q: What duran duran song was in the tv show las Vegas?
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What TV show's theme song is Who are You?

CSI Las Vegas

What is the song from the show friends when they go to las Vegas?

Horse with no name

Which film - set in Las Vegas - featured the song Midnight Train to Georgia as a male character departed on a flight leaving his apparent partner to watch the plane depart away from Vegas?

Las Vegas NBC Show Las Vegas NBC Show

What song did Beyonce perform on tv show Las Vegas?

single ladies

Who sings the theme song for the television show las Vegas?

Elvis Presley

When was Leaving Las Vegas - song - created?

Leaving Las Vegas - song - was created in 1994.

What is the duration of The Las Vegas Show?

The duration of The Las Vegas Show is 2 hours.

When did The Las Vegas Show end?

The Las Vegas Show ended in 1967-06.

What song did JC Chasez sing on the TV show Las Vegas?

A million faces

When was Heaven or Las Vegas - song - created?

Heaven or Las Vegas - song - was created in 1990-10.

When was The Las Vegas Show created?

The Las Vegas Show was created on 1967-05-01.

When was Viva Las Vegas - song - created?

Viva Las Vegas - song - was created on 1963-07-10.