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It's a figure of speech meaning that it is too late for something.

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Q: What does the expression The horse has left the barn mean?
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If You left your barn door open?

what does you left your barn door open mean

Where is the habitat of a horse called standardbred horse?

in a barn. they are domestic, not feral or wild. If you mean on Horse isle 2 then plains

What does a barn sour horse mean?

Always make sure when you are riding back toward the barn that you walk and don't encourage your horse to rush towards it. If your horse does start to rush when you near the barn, turn him away and walk away from the barn for a bit before turning back.

What does healthy as a horse mean?

Horses are notoriously robust animals, hence the expression "healthy as a horse".

What is the name of the house of a horse?

In the American west the mustangs roam what is considered their 'range'. In other parts of the world it could be called a habitat. Because of wild horse hunts in the US , some horses and now being kept in very large fenced " sanctuary " areas.

What does the expression a horse apiece mean?

The expression a horse apiece means having a choice between two things that are equal. It means the same thing as the expression, six of one, half dozen of the other.

What does the expression hee haw mean?

Pretty much the opposite of when a horse hedonks

What does left and right expression mean?

The expression left and right means everywhere without any plan or pattern. Another definition of this expression means on both sides, on all sides and everywhere.

If a horse is afraid what are there first instincts?

Well it depends on what instinct. I will guess you mean in a dangerous situation for a horse. If there is a frightening event a domesticated horse will usually gallop to their home, or most likely, the barn. That is very dangerous, especially if the barn has caught fire. But for a wild horse their first instinct is usually to run away.

How are greater than and less than signs mean?

They mean that the expression to the left of the sign is greater than or less than (as appropriate) the expression to the right of the sign.

What does don't shut the barn door after the horse has run away mean?

It means there is no use in trying to prevent something from happening if it already has happened. There is no point in shutting the barn door after the horse has run away. You need to do it BEFORE the horse runs off, not after.It means don't give up so easily.

What does mean they let him like a pickle?

I have never heard that expression before. Do you mean "they left him in a pickle?" If so, that means they left him with a major problem, or they left him in a bad position.