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A battery that has lost it's charge.

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Q: What does depleted battery mean?
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What happens when a car battery is depleted?

You'll need an external power source (such as a battery charger or another car hooked to battery cables) in order to start your vehicle. A battery which is truly depleted - not just discharged - will not take a charge from the alternator, and will need to be replaced.

Do all MacBooks come fully charged?

No. Their battery will be slightly depleted

What is the meaning of a depleted battery?

It means that your device's battery is dead. It's a warning that the battery MUST be replaced!

How long does it take to charge segways?

6 hrs. if the battery is fully depleted

Do alternator your make the car start?

No, your battery supplies power to the starter. However if your alternator is defective then it will not supply power to the battery and the battery will soon be depleted.

What crop depleted the soil?

Cotton depleted the soil in the American South in the 1800's, if that is what you mean.

Why will the battery die if the headlights are left on?

The battery stores just so much electricity. The lights use this electricity. Sooner or later the supply is depleted.

What is the charge time for new iPhone 4S?

It can take up to 30 minutes depending on how depleted the battery is.

I have 2 X12 volt batteries in my boat. One battery has a label on it saying - not a suitable battery for cycling applications. What does this mean?

Battery cycling is a process in which a battery's charge is entirely or nearly depleted, recharged, and the process is repeated. In your case, the battery is not designed to do this for safety reasons, presumably battery explosion. As long as the battery is constantly being recharged by the alternator of your boat's engine and not cycled, you have nothing to worry about, aside from standard precautions and preventive maintenance.

How long do battery brands last?

No set answer to that. it depends on the capacity of the battery and the power drain of what the battery is connected to.

What happens after chemical energy from a battery turns into electrical energy?

The electrical energy provides power. When the chemical energy is depleted, the battery will not longer generate electrical energy.

What causes the battery light to come on 2000 cavalier?

The Battery? No, not typically the battery. That means that the alternator is not charging the battery and IF the engine is running, it's getting all of it's electrical energy from the battery. It means that once the battery charge is depleted, the engine won't run again until you recharge the battery.