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A Hob Knocker is when a guy slaps a sexual partner across the face with his penis.

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Q: What does British slang Hob Knocker mean?
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In Great Britain what does hob knocker mean?

A "Hobknocker" Is a foreingn slang for a human who rapes animals.

What does the word hob knocker mean?

Hob knocker means someone that's gay doing something illegal

Is hob knocker a bad word?

hob knocker is a bad word because here it is something gross and illegal. i will not say what it is.

In cockney slang what does kettle mean?

Kettle and Hob - Fob Watch.

What rhymes with hob knocker?

Mom's rocker; play soccer; gym locker...

What dose hob knocker mean?

it is someone who goes around slapping there genitals on people and masturbating in public and doing sexual act with animals

Is hobnocking bad?

hob knocker means that someone who goes around hitting people in there privates so yes it is nasty discusting and illegal

Why is a watch called a kettle in cockney rhyming slang?

Kettle and hob - fob (watch)

What are hobknockers?

a hobknocker slaps peoples privates. Remember being a hobknocker is illegal. DO NOT BE ONE. click on the related question below for more information.

What is a hob knowcker?

A made up British slang term popularized by the television show icarly. The newly created word has lead Americans to creating their own definitions from illegal and gross to playground name calling.

What is the definition of a hobknocker?

A hob-knocker is someone who rh@p3$ animals illegally and then kills the animal. -OR- A male human who slaps people with they're testicles during a very big erection. o_o

Did they say hobnocker on iCarly?

The word hobknocker is a slang term used to describe a person who participates in something gross or illegal. Actually, the only dictionary that includes this term is The Urban Dictionary and it did not appear there until after it was used on iCarly. So it has no meaning other than whatever the show's writers intended.