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They play the NFC East and AFC North in 2011.

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Q: What division will the NFC west play next year?
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What division do the niners play next year?

The 49ers will face play all teams in their division twice, plus all the teams from one NFC division and an AFC division.

How do you figure out a schedule of an NFL team?

Only the NFL makes the schedule, but you can figure out which teams will play which teams. There are 2 pieces of information needed before figuring which team will play which teams in the next/upcoming season. 1st- Which "ENTIRE" divisions, did Team 1's division play, during the last regular season (Excluding Team 1's own division). 2nd- Which place did Team 1 finish in their own division, during the regular season. Every team plays games against teams in their own division twice (so that's 6 games). Then they play one entire division in both conferences (Thats 8 games 14 total so far). Then 1 team from in the remaining divisions in their own Conference (2 remaining divisions 2 remaining games). Outside of the "entire division games", teams play teams that finished in the same place as they did. Now, think about looking at a map. You see North, East, South and West (going clockwise). NFL teams play "entire divisions" going COUNTER CLOCKWISE. EXAMPLE: If Team 1 is in the NFC East and played the "entire" NFC North , then go counterclockwise and the next year they will play the NFC West the year after that NFC South then the year after that The North (not the East because it's their own division). Team 1 will also have to play an "entire division" from the AFC. And the same rule applies. If they played the AFC South then the next year they will play the West, next year the North, next year the East, and so on and so on.

Who do the 49ers play next year?

The 49ers will play their division rivals (Seattle, St. Louis, Arizona) twice. They will play the NFC South (Carolina, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa Bay) They will play the AFC South (Indianapolis, Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville) They will play the NFC East and NFC North teams that match the Niners finishing position in their division - i.e. if the Niners win the NFC West they play the NFC East and NFC North division champs.

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Who do the Tennessee Titans play in 2013?

They play twice a year games against Division foes Indianapolis, Houston, and Jacksonville; they play the AFC West (Kansas City, San Diego, at Denver, and at Oakland); the play the NFC West (Arizona, San Francisco, at Seattle, and at St. Louis); they host the NY Jets (AFC foe with same division placement) and travel to Pittsburgh (AFC North foe with same division placement).

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What is the Cleveland Browns 2008 schedule?

I don't have the dates yet, but they play the AFC South and the NFC East next year. So their games are:HOMEPittsburgh (Division)Cincinnati (Division)Baltimore (Division)Texans (AFC South)Colts (AFC South)Giants (NFC East)Cowboys (NFC East)Denver (AFC West 2nd place team)AWAYPittsburgh (Division)Cincinnati (Division)Baltimore (Division)Jacksonville (AFC South)Titans (AFC South)Eagles (NFC East)Redskins (NFC East)Buffalo (AFC East 2nd place team)s-

Will Vince Young play for the titans next year?