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they treat bee sting in the 1800 by cold food and snow

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treat a bee sting you will use baking soda

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good answer ty

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Q: What did people in the 1800's use for a bee sting?
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If you got stung by a bee what medicine do you use?

You can use Acetaminophen for your Bee sting.

How do you use sting and sigh in a sentence?

I prepared for the sting of the bee with an audible sigh.

Why can you use toothpaste to treat a bee sting?

Never heard of that. BUT for bees stings use bi carbonate of soda and for wasp stings use vinegar. Because bee stings are acid and the bicarbonate neutralizes it and wasp stings are alkaline so the acid neutralizes it.

Why can you use ammonia to treat a bee sting?

Ammonia is basic and the idea is that it will neutralise the formic acid in the sting

Bicarbonate of soda has a pH about 9 why is this good thing to treat a bee sting with?

The soda which is alkaline neutralizes the bee sting which is acidic. For wasp stings use vinegar. Vinegar is acidic and neutralizes the alkaline wasp sting.

Bee sting pH?

to neutralise a bee sting you use alkaline substances; such as toothpaste, indigestion tablets(that can dissolve) washing up powder and washing up liquid

What are the proper steps to curing a bee sting?

Remove sting with tweezer, clean wound with soap and water, use a mild antiseptic

What could you use in the house to relieve the pain of a bee sting?

You could use a dock leaf if you have one.

Can you use bicarbonated soda on a wasp sting or is it a bee sting?

A little sodium bicarbonate could well act as a soothing agent, but contrary to popular belief you can't neutralise either a wasp or bee sting by putting any chemicals on the surface of the skin.

How do you cure a bee or wasps sting?

bee sting is acidic you can use bicarbonate of soda to cure the sting . bicarbonate of soda is a alkaline which will make acid and alkaline together neutralize the sting and wasps are same except that u can use vinegar since it is alkaline

Is there anything I can use to soothe the itch and pain from a bee sting?

Ice is great for bee stings. Ice will relieve the pain, reduce the swelling, and slow down the venom of a bee sting. You can also place a damp tea bag over the sting for ten minutes, as the acid in the tea helps relieve and soothe the sting. You can apply hydro-cortisone cream to relieve the itching.

Why could you use a bee sting to help with a wasp sting?

my dad once told me it wont hurt if a wasp stings me after a bee and i asked why.... it is because there is a certain chemical in a bee sting that helps the acid in the sting painless. it can also be the other way round, they both cancel each other out! not a good idea to try this though as it is near imposable for the bee or wasp to sting you in the same place but some scientist have extracted this chemical but it can not be soled as it has too many health issues. hope this helped