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she made loukanikos on him

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Q: What did Tasha do twice to Chris in everybody hates tasha?
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What is tasha real name from everybody hates chris?

Paige Hurd plays Tasha.

Is tasha from everybody hates chris and Katie from my wife and kids sisters?


What is the girl name that chris liked off of everybody hates chris?

The girl that Chris liked name was Tasha. She was his neighbor.

What did Chris whisper in greg's ear on everybody hates Chris?

He said Tasha ate a cheeseburger and got fat and ate your mom and she ate chris and everybody in the world was eaten. Yes

Who is the girl in never let you go?

tasha from everyone hates chris

Who played tasha in everyboby hates chris?

Tonya's real name from "Everybody Hates Chris" is Imani Hakim

What is tasha off of every body hates chris real name?

Paige Hurd

What was the names of the girl who danced with Justin Bieber never let you go?

Paige Hurd. She is also in the video for "I own This" by Jasmine V. and plays Tasha on Everybody Hates Chris

What nicknames does Tasha Ledbetter go by?

Tasha Ledbetter goes by Tasha Betta.

What nicknames does Tasha Schumann go by?

Tasha Schumann goes by Tasha the Amazon.

Who is older Tasha or Melanie?


What is the birth name of Tasha Rudolph?

Tasha Rudolph's birth name is Tasha Ree Rudolph.