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The truffle shuffle is a humiliating dance that the Goonies forced their chubbier counterpart, Chunk, to perform in order to let him in to the Goondocks. The 'shuffler' stands up on a stoop or chair, raises their shirt to expose the flabby belly, the shakes it up and down and back and forth while making gurgling-type noises.

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The Truffle Shuffle

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Truffle shuffle

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Q: What dance was Chunk known for in The Goonies?
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Who is the fat kids in the Goonies?

Chunk / Laurence

In the film 'Goonies' what did chunk's mum give him when she found him on the beach with the police?


Who did Chunk blame for pushing his sister down the stairs in the movie The Goonies?

He blamed it on the dog.

In The Goonies What did the group promise Chunk if he kept riding his bike towards the beach?

A Twinkie A Twinkie

What flavor milkshake is Chunk drinking during the opening credits of The Goonies?

I am 90% sure it is a strawberry milkshake.

Who are the characters in the goonies?

Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, Sloth, Data, Stef, Andy, Brand, Troy, and The Fertelie's

What 1985 adventure has Mikey Chunk Mouth Brandon and Data chasing after One Eyed Willie's goods?


What 1985 adventure has Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, Brandon,and Data chasing after One-Eyed Willie's goods?

The Goonies

Who plays chunk in the movie the goonies?

Chunk is the fat kid who wears the Hawaiian shirt and does the "Truffle Shuffle." He is played by Jeff Cohen.

Kind of ice cream did chunk found in the freezer in The Goonies?

Some type of choclate ice-cream. I think it was Rockey Road. A funny pun for the adventure that goes further into the movie.

In the movie the goonies What does Mouth say he has to get Chunk to ram the door of the country club?

well if you mean the fratellis house then he said...either "we can just cover the floor with chocolate and let him eat his way through" or "hey chunk i got nudey pictures of your mom taking shower....REAL CHEAP"

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EVERYMEMORABILIA.COM, they have The Goonies autographed memorabilia!