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Wellington NZ is on approximately the same latitude.

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Q: What city in new zealand is on same latitude as launceston Tasmania?
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What is the capitol of Tasmania city?


Which City is due north of Hobart Australia?

The Tasmanian city due north of Hobart, Tasmania, is Launceston. The closest mainland city due north of Hobart is Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria.

When was Launceston City FC created?

Launceston City FC was created in 1956.

What is the area of City of Launceston?

The area of City of Launceston is 1,405 square kilometers.

What capital city is closest to 26 degrees north latitude and 128 degrees east longitude?

tasmania tasmania

Is Perth in Tasmania?

The city nown as Perth is not in Tasmania. Perth is the capital of Western Australia, whilst Tasmania is Australia's island state off the southern coast on the eastern side of mainland. However, there is a small towned named Perth, in northern Tasmania. It is a small historic town just south of Launceston, with a population of around 2000 people.

What city is located on an island south of mainland Australia?

the island south of mainland Australia is Tasmania, Australia's island state. There are numerous cities in Tasmania. The capital city is Hobart. Other cities include Burnie, Launceston, Devonport, Kingston, Queenstown and Westbury.

What is the city name of the latitude 41.8 n and longitude of 104.48 w?

New Zealand

What city has this longitude and latitude 41s 175e?

North island of New Zealand

What city is located 43 degrees south latitude?

Wellington, New Zealand

What three Australian cities begin with the letter L?

Launceston, in Tasmania, Australia Lithgow in New South Wales, Australia Liverpool in New South Wales, Australia Logan City in South East Queensland, Australia

What city has this longitude 175 E and latitude 37 S?

Auckland, New Zealand