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boop da boop

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Q: What cartoon is Betty Boop naked in?
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Is bettey boop real?

Betty Boop is a fictional cartoon character .

Betty boop premiere?

Betty Boop's first appearance was August 9, 1930 in the cartoon" Dizzy Dishes" .

Who is the villain in the Betty Boop cartoon?

Do you mean The Ringmaster?

What cartoon characters names start with Be?

Betty Boop.

What cartoon character rides a motorcycle?

Betty Boop

Who did the voice for the cartoon character Betty Boop?

Margie Hines .

When was Betty Boop for President created?

The cartoon comic strip entitled Betty Boop was created in the year 1930. Betty Boop has become one of the world's most famous sex symbols because if the risque dress at the time the strip was created.

Did Betty boop have kids?

The 1932 cartoon "Minnie The Moocher" has Betty Boop as a tenager at odds with her parents who runs away from home. In "The Bum Bandit" she is married and has several children. In "Betty Boop And Grampy", it is unclear whether Grampy is an actual relative or is just known as Grampy.

Betty Boop Was Betty Boop a nurse?

you can get Your bathroom sets about betty boop

How did Robert zemericks put in cartoon characters like Betty Boop and bugs bunny in who framed roger rabbits?

Robert Zemericks creativity helped him to put in the cartoon characters like Betty Boop and Bugs Bunny in Who Framed Roger Rabbits.

Is your name betty boop?

No my name is not Betty Boop. Betty Boop is a tv character lady.

Was betty boop a prostitute?

Betty Boop is a harmless animated cartoon. Boop is a baby-talk word for Milk. the cartoon is harmless, if anything She is an actress and dancer and very normal, sexual-orientation wise. She is often drawn in an Empire Gown.