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Ray Ban Vintage Clubmasters

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Q: What brand of eyeglasses does Spencer reid wear in criminal minds?
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Does Spencer on criminal minds know all the things he does?


Which criminal minds character are you?

Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Glubber)

Did Spencer die on criminal minds?

No - he is still alive in the current series.

What are some personality traits of the Criminal Minds character Spencer Reid?

Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds is socially awkward and often fixates on things due to the character having Asperger's Syndrome. He is also shown at times to be struggling with his emotions.

Does Spencer from criminal minds have any animals or hobbies?

He has no known pets, but one obvious hobby of his is reading.

What is reeds real name from criminal minds?

Spencer Reid's real name is Matthew Grey Gubler.

Who does Matthew gray gubler play in criminal minds?

He plays Dr. Spencer Reid. Dr. Reid is the youngest member of the Behavior Analysis Unit of the FBI. In the first episode of Criminal minds we learn that he has an I.Q of 187, has an Eidetic Memory and can read 20,000 words a minute. He is the most popular character on Criminal Minds.

Is there a real person from whom the character of Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds is drawn?

But besides that no Spencer Reid is not a real person just a character. His portrayer is Matthew Gray Gubler.

Who plays the guy with the shaggy hair who love magic in criminal minds?

Matthew Gray Gubler. This characters name is Spencer Reid.

On an episode of Criminal Minds Spencer Reed says how many minutes a cigarette takes off of your life How many is it?

7 i believe

Which is bettter criminal minds or NCIS?

Criminal Minds!

What kind of memory does Dr Reed on Criminal Minds have?

Dr. Spencer Reid has an eidetic memory, which is often or commonly known as photographic memory.