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Write a report on ways of preventing female forticide and making nation women friendly?

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Q: What are the ways of preventing female foeticide and making the nation women friendly?
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You attended a seminar on ways of preventing female foeticide and making the nation women friendly organized by the National Commission for women As the Secretary of the Mahila Mandal of your colon?

Aligarh: Finally a great day of humanity has been celebrated along with the depth discuss of "Female Foeticide: A Blot on Mankind" in the Assembly Hall of University Polytechnic, A.M.U., Aligarh under the banner of Dr. Zakir Husain Foundation. Mrs. Salma Ansari, w/o Mr. Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India has break the ice and said that women issue must be discussed as a National issue and government must promote such a enthusiastic efforts. Mrs Salma Ansari was Chief Guest of the occasion. She further released the Souvenir and spoke that now the Time has come when we have to come forward to stop Female Foeticide. People talk about Female Foeticide but no one dares to stop this evil. She added that people cut us like trees they don't think that the declining ratio of women is creating a disbalance in the society like cutting trees is making imbalance in nature, So value the girls, don't kill them, give them life, liberty and education and see the change. Smt. Ansari further added that by killing girls you are killing tomorrow's Indira Gandhi, Sania Mirza ... Apart from Smt. Salma Ansari, Mr. Sanjeev Madan, JMD, Ozone Groups, Mr. Vivek Bansal, MLC, Aligarh and Mr. Sushil Chaudhary, M.D., Oriental Metal works were also present as Guest of Honour. Prof. Anis A. Ansari, Patron, ZHF welcomed all the guests and delegates. He mentioned that the issue of female foeticide is much more serious than we think. Ms. Sajida Nadeem, General Secretary presented detailed Annual Report of the Foundation and highlighted the pain that foundation takes for organizing activities due to lack of funding. She added that Dr. Zakir Husain Foundation is a self funding organization and it has not received any grant or aid from the government or other sources till date and each activity of foundation has been organized by colleting funds or donations from its members. She further added that this year Foundation felt no issue can be more serious than the Female Foeticide as the girls ratio is declining day by day. She added that why we ignore the value of girls inspite of knowing that we can not imagine a world without women. She added that Stop Female Foeticide is an urgent need of the hour. Mr. Sanjeev Madan encouraged the Foundation's sincere efforts and added that the woman is the backbone of the society still we don't value them. He also added that women's are treasure we should value them before they disappear. Mr. Vivek Bansal briefed the importance of women and his association with Foundation from its initial stage. Prof. Seema Hakim, Prof. Rouquiya Zainuddin and Mrs. Fatima Makhdoom were Chairman, Co-Chairman and Rapporteur of the Scientific Session. 15 Delegates from different universities of India and Iran presented their views on Female Foeticide. Mr. Sushil Chaudhary described his serious concern towards the present scenario of women. He further added that he consider himself fortunate enough to be associated with the Foundation. Mr. Nadeem Raja, President, ZHF expressed his serious concern on "Female Foeticide and requested people to change their views for women. He further added that our changed views can bring a new revolution in overall development of the Nation. At this occasion Smt. Salma Ansari had also felicitated some luminaries like Prof. Zahida Zaidi, Dr. Rahul Kulshreshtha, Dr. Sunil Kumar Mittal, Mr. Prashant Kulshreshtha, Mr. Hassan Shuja, Mr. Ali Suleman, Mr. Ramavtar Sharma, Mr. Shafi and Haji Shafiqul Haque for their commendable achievements by presenting Shawls and Memento. Dr. Abida, Dr. Mansoor, Fazal, Murtaza, Sameer, Zarrin, Usma, Sabiha, Tanuja, Gauri, Rehana, Rana and Amin helped in organizing the seminar. Prof. Ainul Haque Khan presented vote of thanks.

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