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The Wild Turkey and Muscovy Duck

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Q: What are the two domesticated birds that originated from north or south America?
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What is the name of a domesticated pack animal thought to have originated in north America 40 million years ago?


What plants was domesticated in North America?

The plant that was domesticate in North America is corn which also was domesticated in South America

Where was corn first domesticated?

North America

Lacrosse weas originated in North what?

North America!

Where are Llamas originated?

Llamas originated in North America, but they migrated to South America during the Ice Age.

What was the only domesticated animal in North America in 1475 BC?


Are pineapples from North or South America?

Pineapples originated in South America

Where did pumpkins origanate from?

pumpkins originated from North America

Which continent is the turkey from?

The Turkey originated from North America

Are cattle a species native to North America?

Cattle were first domesticated in the region of western asia. They were brougth to North America by European settlers.

From which exact country did the camel originate?

[[They originated in the African deserts and expanded to different countries all over the world!]] That answer is technically wrong. Camelid species originated in North America. Some migrated south and evolved into vicunas and guanacos (and later domesticated llamas). Others migrated back across the Bering Strait and developed into Bactrian and Dromedary camels (which have been domesticated since at least 2500 BC - not many exist in the wild anymore). The original camels in North America died out.

Where is tobacco originated from?

god In North America,on the eastern regions.

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