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Don Felder - Heavy Metal (Take a Ride)

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Q: What are the songs from the new south park episode major boobage?
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What episode on south park when mrmakay say drugs are bad?

The episdoe is called 'Major Boobage' where Mr Mackey tells the class that they shouldn't do drugs, but encourages kenny to get high on cat pee.

What is the song playing in the backgroung whencartmanhides mr kitty in south park major boobage?

Don Felder-Heavy Metal

What are the two songs in the cat piss episode of south park?

one of them is heavy metal (takin' a ride) by don felder.

When was Songs from the South created?

Songs from the South was created on 1997-05-13.

What episode was the Dubstep south park?

The South Park episode referencing Dubstep was Season 15 Episode 7 "You're Getting Old."

Which south park episode gingers?

Ginger Kids is episode 11 of South Park season 9.

What south park episode does Cartman get powers?

The episode when he dioes

What is the song at end of South Park Cartoon Wars?

There weren't any songs featured at the end of either part of Cartoon Wars. The only music heard was music made for the episode.

What is the 2nd episode of south park called?

The second episode of South Park is called "Weight Gain 4000"

What eppisode of south park is the WOW one?

The 147th episode ever of South Park and the 8th episode of season 10.

What south park episode has butters taking it in the butt?

The episode was Canada on strike and songs name is what what in the butt, This was episode 12-4 and he doesn't take it in the butt he just sings the "what what in the butt" song

What is the name of the episode of South Park with IT in it?

The episode is called "The Entity" and is in Season 5.