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they are both governments

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A nation is a single culture that is bound to a single belief system and government. For the most part they share the same ideas. A state is a tiny part of the nation that is also bonded together in a specific way.

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There are many similarities between states and society. Some of them include having people, they both have a structure which governs them and have specific leaders among others.

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Q: What are the similarities between state and a nation?
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Similarities between a state and nation?

they are both governments

What is the similarities between nation and nationalities?

Similaritis is the nation of kinam nagrigat

What are the similarities between Egyptian and aboriginals?

what are the similarities and differences between canada and australia aboriginals first nation.

Difference between a state and a nation?

A state is usually a political division of a nation.

Similarities between a state and a society?


What is the similarities between India and Judaism civilization?

None. Judaism is a religion, India is a nation or country.

What are the similarities ana differenes between egypt ana great biritsh?

Great Britain is predominately a Christian nation whereas Egypt is predominately an Islamic nation.

What is different between a nation and state?

A nation is like great Brittan or Germany or France where as a state is like California or Boston.

What are the similarities between the Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties?

The only similarities I can think of is that they both wanted what they believed to be best for the nation, and they both believed this could be achieved through a representative democracy.

Difference between nation-states and other political entities?

The term "nation-state" implies that the two geographically coincide, and this distinguishes the nation state from the other types of state, which historically preceded it.

What is the similarities of unitary and federal state?

The similarities between unitary and federal states could be that both types of governments could be democracies. A unitary state could be democratic when the people elect the government officials, as is the case in a federal state.

What does culture convergence mean?

Cultural convergence is when the similarities between different cultures in the same nation are driven by global and common brands. The similarities are with aspects like consumer preferences, beliefs, aspirations, and values.