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A chain of hills, plateaus and mountains, known as the Cameroon range extends from Mount Cameroon on the coast-Cameroon's highest point at (13,435 ft) almost to Lake Chad at Cameroon's northern border .

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Q: What are the mountains in Cameroon?
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Does Cameroon have snow?

There are mountains in the west, highest point Mount Cameroon, 4095 metres

What high lands are extend along the northwest border of Cameroon?

This is the Cameroon Range of mountains which extends from Mount Cameroon on the coast, 13,435 feet high and then to Lake Chad in the north

What is the largest mountain range in Cameroon?

an irregular chain of mountains known as the Cameroon Range. Highest point 13, 400 feet

What are the 3 main mountains in Africa?

The three main mountains in Africa are Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Kenya in Kenya, and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

What is the smallest mountain of Africa?

Mount Cameroon is considered as one of the smallest mountains in Africa, with an elevation of approximately 4,040 meters (13,255 feet).

What is the absolute location of Cameroon?

Latitude of Cameroon is:6 and Longitude of Cameroon is: 12 A country of extensive geographical features, Cameroon is located in West African at the geographical coordinates of 6° N and 12° E. Cameroon is spread over an area of 475,442 square kilometers and it is home to a population of around 19,100,000 people. Cameroon shares its border with Central African Republic to the east, Nigeria to the west, Chad to the north and Republic of the Congo to the south. Mountains dominate the geographical features in the northern parts of the country, which is also the land of some volcanic mountains. The coastal plains receive highest amount of rainfall, which moderates the otherwise hot and humid weather. The Cameroon Range, which includes a chain of hills and mountains, is stretched right from Mount Cameroon to the Lake Chad. As an economy, Cameroon is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa. There is abundance of natural resource that acts as a channel to its industries and helps them to prosper. Fishing is also an important occupation. Tourism has been generating large revenues for Cameroon off late. There are various types of ethnic groups in Cameroon that have their own distinct culture. Music and dance form the core of that culture. The football team of Cameroon has made quite a name for itself in the international circle by winning some prestigious tournament I know that's too much but there you have it!

What is the name of Cameroon?

The name of Cameroon IS Cameroon

What is the city of Cameroon?

Cameroon is not a city. Cameroon is a country.

Mountains in Africa?

the mountains in AfricaAhaggar MountainsAhmar Mountains, EthiopiaAberdare ranges, KenyaAmaro Mountains, EthiopiaAtlantika Mountains, Cameroon, NigeriaAtlas Mountains, Algeria, Morocco, TunisiaAnti-Atlas, MoroccoAurès Mountains, Algeria, TunesiaHigh Atlas, MoroccoMiddle Atlas, MoroccoRif, MoroccoSaharan Atlas, AlgeriaTell Atlas, Algeria, Morocco, TunesiaBale Mountains, EthiopiaBakossi Mountains, CameroonBvumba Mountains, Mozambique, ZimbabweCederberg, South AfricaDrakensberg, South AfricaEastern Arc Mountains, Kenya, TanzaniaEastern Highlands, Mozambique, ZimbabweEntoto Mountains, EthiopiaErta Ale Range, EthiopiaKilimanjaro& Meru, TanzaniaKipengere Range, TanzaniaLebombo Mountains, MozambiqueMagaliesberg, South AfricaMahale Mountains, TanzaniaMandara Mountains, Cameroon, NigeriaMount CameroonMount NimbaMt. Kenya, KenyaOuteniqua, South AfricaPare Mountains, TanzaniaPiton des Neiges & Piton de la Fournaise, RéunionRwenzori, UgandaSemien, EthiopiaSwartberg, South AfricaTibesti MountainsUdzungwa Mountains, TanzaniaUluguru Mountains, TanzaniaUsambara Mountains, Tanzania

The city of Cameroon is in what country?

Cameroon is not a city, Cameroon is a country.

Cameroon is the capital of what?

Yaoundé is the capital of Cameroon.

What is the name of the continent of Cameroon?

Cameroon is in the continent of Africa.