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Red and White

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Q: What are the main colours of Canada?
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What are the main colours of Alberta Canada?

What are you talking about? Are you referring to the Alberta flag, or of the province from space, or what? Please be more specific!

What is Canada's flag colours?

Red and White Red and whiteCanada flag means maple leaf and they think red and white are the main color for canadaRed and WHite

What are the main colours?

Do you mean the primary colours? The primary colours of pigment are red, blue, and yellow. The primary colours of light are red, blue, and green.

Where are blueberry's from?

main and Canada

Why did Canada make their flag red and white?

Since Red and White are Canada's national colours.

One of the colours found on Canada's flag?

Red and white.

What are the main colours seen on vaisakhi?


What are the main NFL colors?

green red and yellow are the nfl colours nfll colours you can say

When were red and white made the official colors of Canada and who decided?

They arent the official colours, theyre just the colours of the flag.

Main religions in Canada?

Cristianity is the main religion in Canada.

What is the main town of Canada?

The main town in Canada in Toronto

What is the color of the flag of Canada?

Red and white are the colours on the Canadian flag.