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The Cherokee alphabet was syllabary. Given to the Cherokee by Seqouah a great Cherokee Indian

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Q: What are the letters in the Cherokee alphabet?
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Who made the Cherokee alphabet?

sequoyah a Cherokee Indian made the Cherokee alphabet

What is the name of the Cherokee alphabet?

Syllabary is what the Cherokee call their alphabet.

A major accomplishment of the Sequoyah?

Seqouyah, of the Cherokee tribe, wrote a syllabry, and alphabet using syllables instead of letters, to create a written language for the Cherokee.

What the Cherokees called letters?

If I understand your question you are asking about the Cherokee Alphabet, if so it is called "Tsalagi" (Cha-salagee).

Who was the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet?

The creator of the Cherokee alphabet, or syllabary as it's called, was Sequoyah.

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What Indian tribe had its own alphabet?

The Cherokee have an alphabet.

How do you spell Cherokee using the Cherokee alphabet?


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