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Nemo is the little clown fish who is missing.

Marlin is Nemo's father.

Dory is the blue tang fish who helps Marlin look for Nemo.

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Q: What are the fish called in Finding Nemo?
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Finding Nemo nock name in fish tank?

Nemo is called Sharkbait by the tank gang.

What can a baby fish be called?

They could be called alevin or fry, as in "small fry". Or nemo like the movie "finding nemo".

What kind of fish is Nemo from the movie finding Nemo?

clown fish

How do you explain why clown fish are called clown fish?

In finding nemo. they were clown fish and they made jokes.

What is the color of the star fish in finding nemo?

pink is the color of the starfish in finding nemo

What is the pledge in finding Nemo?

The pledge said in Finding Nemo is that "Fish are friends, not food."

What animal is the deep water shark in Finding Nemo?

It's called an angler fish

What is the creepy fish in the beginning of the movie Finding Nemo?

The fish that attacks Marlin and Coral at the beginning of Finding Nemo is an Australian barracuda

What kind of fish is anchor in finding nemo?

Anchor in the movie Finding Nemo is a hammer head shark.

What types of fish were in the movie Finding Nemo?

clown fish

What does Bruce on finding nemo eat?

Not fish.

Is dory the fish from Finding Nemo real?

is Dory from finding nemo real