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Q: What are the dimensions of a PS3 video game case?
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When will cricket o8 be released on PS3?

It will not be a PS3 Video Game title

Is the Video Game Section 8 for PS3?

Yes a PS3 version on the game was released on March 25 2010

Bakugan the video game?

Yes, there is a bakugan video game for Wii,PS2,PS3,XBox, and DS.

If you have a video game and you play some of it on a ps3 and you decide to use it on another PS3 will it erase the date from the first PS3?


Dimensions of a PS3 game box?

it's 17cm x 13.5cm x 1.5cm

Can you buy a video game and receive it through download on PS3?

No you can not purchase game downloads or add ons from other than the Playstation Store for the PS3. The Playstation Store has the exclusive rights to download video games for the PS3

Is the a Shugo Chara video game?

Yes on ps3 and wii

Which is the best video game machine to have?

Ps3 or psp are the best.

Do they make the video game kameo on ps3?

Yes, my grandma has it.

Is codename kids next door video game for ps3?

No it is not

Will there be a dark knight rises video game for ps3?

I'm sure there will. If not, there will certainly be another batman game for PS3 in the near Future.

Where can one view PS3 video game ratings?

One can view PS3 video game ratings on GameFly or Game Informer. These two sites have every major game that ever existed. These sites have millions of reviews from users.