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Here are some names for female cats: Amber, Amy, Beauty, Bella, Blue, Cleo, Claws, Cloe, Dana, Day, Ella, Fluffy, Flower, Hidi, Inga, Jasmine, Jewl, Jello, Jane, Kitty, Kate, Lemon, Lulu, Lilly, Mimi, Mouse, Ms._____, Nelly, Nicky, Nora, Natalie, Olivia, Petal, Pan, Pretty, Perfect, Pasa, Posie, Puffy, Puff, Quill, Quiet, Rose, Rosie, Ruby, Sofie, Sonje, Silly, Sarah, Tina, Tiny, Valentina, Vally, Wuffy, Xia, Yang, Ying, Yana, Zelda... I'm sure there are some better ones but these are pertty good. Hope this helps.

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Q: What are the best female cat names?
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What is the Names of Cat male female and young one?

A male cat is a Tom, a female cat is a Queen, and a young cat is a kitten.

What is a female cat know as?

A nursing female cat is known as a queen. Otherwise, there are no other names as far as I know.

What are the names for a male and female cat?

A male cat is usually called a "tom". A female cat is often referred to as a "queen".

Are there other terms or names to describe a female cat?


Best name for a female husky?

i like the following names for a female husky.willowKodiKodahLikaluna

What are the best female bearded dragon names?


What do you call a male cat a female cat and a young cat?

A male cat is NOT called a "cat." The proper name is "Tom." Thus, a female cat is called a "Molly." However, if a female cat is pregnant or nursing, she is referred to as a "Queen."

What is the best sex for a cat if you already have a boy cat?

boys may fight as they get older but a female and boy cat are ok Every cat might fight. If you get a male and female cat make sure they are both fixed. Some boy turn out to be best buds, but so do boy and girl cats. It's your choice.

Is a Molly a female cat?

A cat can be male or female A female cat is known as a she cat. A male cat is known as a tom cat.

What is the best names for a female puppy?

Daisy or Poppy

What is the name of a female cat?

A female cat is called a molly.

What are some names for female kittens?

There are various names for female kittens. The most popular would be Rainbow, Sunshine, and Smokey. People often give animals human names, but it is best not to.