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Negative $2800 is the lowest winning score in Jeopardy history.

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Q: What are the 10 lowest winning scores in Jeopardy history?
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Single games scores range up to $77,000 and at one time the prize sizes were smaller. The Jeopardy Archive does not list the Average winning score or amount and most winners are between 10 and 20 thousand dollars a game

What were the 10 lowest winning scores in Jeopardy history?

Jeopardy history started before the 1984 Alex Trebek period with Art Fleming in 1964 and the early shows don't even exist anymore. For the current season it was Jordan Piel with a minus $2,800 on Friday January 29 2010. see link For last season #25 it was Mary Beam with a minus $4,400 on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 see link You can look for other seasons Miscellaneous statistics in the Jeopardy Archive link added to the related links. The click on is at the very bottom for each season.

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What were the 10 lowest winning scores in Jeopardy history?

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