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they are called the gallery

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Q: What are spectators at a golf match called?
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What kind of golf ball did James Bond play in the film 'Goldfinger'?

Bond played a Penfold Heart golf ball in his match against Goldfinger in the movie of the same name. This was Sean Connery's third Bond role in the third Bond movie and it was whilst filming the golf match scene against Auric Goldfinger that Connery developed his love of golf. The Penfold Heart golf ball (famed for the red heart logo imprinted on the face of the ball) became an unlikely star in its own right : orders for the Penfold Heart (produced by Penfold Golf at their Bromford Lane factory in Birmingham, UK) sky-rocketed after the release of Goldfinger. Some 30 years later, after a long absence, the Penfold Heart is back in action. Penfold Golf has been reformed and in August 2008 re-launched its famous Penfold Heart golf ball. The first 500 dozen were produced as collector' sets - made to commemorate the centenary of the birth of 007's creator, Ian Fleming.Indeed, the re-released Penfold Hearts made their first re-appearance at Ian Fleming's old golf club - The Royal St. George's in Sandwich, Kent at a charity golf match played to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. (It was at the Royal St George's where President Elect of the club, Ian Fleming suffered his fatal heart attack.)The special Ian Fleming Centenary collector's sets of 12-dozen Penfold Hearts, selling for £50, soon grabbed the attention of Bond fans worldwide - with sets from selling as far afield as USA, Australia, Hungary, Sweden, Belgium and the Ukraine. The Penfold Heart is now being released by Penfold Golf as a playing ball (ie. as an approved playing ball, not just as a Bond memorabilia set of golf balls) to be released December 2008.

How many golf courses are in South Africa?

+/- 500 golf courses of which at least 200 are 9 hole courses

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What mission did neil Armstrong hit the golf ball on the moon?

He didn't. The golf ball was hit on Apollo 14 by Alan Shephard

What are the release dates for The Weekenders Golf Tour - 2007?

The Weekenders Golf Tour - 2007 was released on: USA: 7 January 2007 (Phoenix, Arizona)

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