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Positive: Environmental

Negative: loss of soverignty

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Q: What are some positive and negative effects of internationalism on Canada?
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What are the positive and negative effects of snow in Canada?

The positive effects of snow include wintertime activities such as snowboarding and skiing. These activities attract tourists to Canada, therefore boosting the economy. One of the negative effects of snow in Canada is that sometimes there is too much of it - so that daily activities cannot occur. Snow can cause natural disasters and expenses for the community.

Ethnocentrism positive or negative in Canada?

this term is positive but sometimes can be negative. Ethnocentric is a big cause of civil wars

Is Canada good?

Canada has many positive and negative aspects, though it can argued that there is more good.

What positive and negative impacts Leif Eriksson had on Canada's developement?


What positive and negative impacts leif eriksson had on Canada's development?


What are negative effects in Canada?

Maple syrup Lumber Trees Bacon

Should Canada pursue internationalism to resolve global problems?

The act of pursuing internationalism is one that costs money. Canada may opt to not follow this option unless international organizations like NATO are involved.

What positive and negative effects did Bill 101 have on Canada as a whole?

The law made French the official language of the province, and imposed strict rules about the use of English or other languages on signs, in schools, and in business.

What were the positive and negative impacts the explorers had on Canada Devolpments George Vancouver?

Please someone help sHT

What were the negative effects of world war 1 on Canada?

The Canadian male population was devestated and The country rocked in debt

What was the impact of the british rule in canada?

Positive effects: more men for wars, grain,timber

Where can positive and negative numbers be found in the real world?

The temperature of a room or country. e.g. In Canada it is -3 or in London it is 3 C