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New Zealand is located just off the coast of Australia. Many people often try to visit both countries. If you are visiting New Zealand some of the historical sites you are going to visit include the Auckland Museum, the Kerikeri market, and Taranaki Cathedral.

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sky tower in Auckland , beehive in wellington , tepapa museum in wellington ,hanmer springs near christchurch, waitangi off the coast of Auckland , choclate factory in dunedin, Caroline bay in Timaru which is on SH1 between CHRISTCHURCH and DUNEDIN.

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Q: What are some landmarks around new Zealand?
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What are some of New Zealand's natural landmarks?

Rotarua Hot pools! Milford Sound!

What are some of the oceans around new zealand?

New Zealand is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean (Moana Nui A Kiwa).

What are some landmarks in New York State?

New York State is rich in history and full of some incredible landmarks. Some famous New York landmarks are the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Niagara Falls.

How many landmarks are there in new zealand?

A landmark is just a prominent landscape feature, and as such is useful for fixing boundaries, and for naming.

A famous New Zealand landmark is southern?

There are a variety of famous New Zealand landmarks. These include Auckland Domain, Goat Island Marine Reserve, The Beehive Building, as well as Auckland Harbor Bridge.

What has the author Janet Maconie written?

Janet Maconie has written: 'Landmarks of New Zealand writing to 1945' -- subject(s): Bio-bibliography, History and criticism, New Zealand literature 'Survey of teenage reading in New Zealand' -- subject(s): Books and reading, Teenagers, Youth

What is population of blenheim in New Zealand?

The population of Blenheim, New Zealand, was around 34,500 in 2007.

Is the population in New Zealand nearly 5 million?

No. There are around 4.2 million people in New Zealand.

Can you get chameleons in New Zealand?

There are chameleon's in some zoos. Some private breeders have them but they are not from good stock and there are only a few around.

Is Iceland bigger than New Zealand?

New Zealand has more square milage than Iceland. Iceland being around 40,000 square miles and New Zealand being around 103,000 square miles.

What is the distance from New Zealand to Samoa?

If you are assuming Auckland New Zealand to Apia, Samoa then it is around 2880 km.

Does New Zealand have oceans?

There are two oceans around New Zealand: the Southern Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. In addition, to the west of New Zealand is the Tasman Sea.