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Where are all Benji Maddens tattoos are

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Q: What are all of Benji Maddens tattoos?
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Yes they are real. They gave an interview saying they were fake, but it was a complete joke. Their tattoos are real. 1. If Benji was afraid of needles, he wouldn't of gotten those piercings 2. The guys have had their tattoos in the exact same place for years 3. There is a video of billy martin getting his new found glory tattoo while on tour 4. Benji said a couple years ago that he wasnt okay with vin diesel having fake tattoos 5. In the video of them saying they had fake tattoos, Benji was holding a sheet filled with butterflies and colorful girl stickers and Joel faked that putting on his temporary tattoo hurt, which obvisously shows that the video was a joke. 6. A couple years ago, Benji said his tattoos was his whole personality and that they meant many things. He wouldn't joke about that if the tattoos were fake.

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