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Irrigation of the Great Lakes could result in Salinization. It would be turned from freshwater to salt water. All of the salt would stay while the water would be drawn out leaving mostly all salt found behind. It could end up in the lakes shrinking.

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Q: What affect has irrigation have on the great lakes?
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How have the Great lakes helped Ontario develop?

The lakes have provided water for irrigation.

How do the galciers affect Michigan and the great lakes?

The retreating glaciers dug deep into the earth carving the Great Lakes.

How do zebra mussels affect the biodiversity of the Great Lakes?

they invade the habitat of other organisms living there and they start to overtake the lakes which decreases the biodiversity in the great lakes.

What does Brazil use there lakes for?

irrigation .... mainly

What are the importance of lakes?

they are important because it helps in irrigation

What kind of effects do the great lakes have on southern Ontarios climate?

The great lakes affect Ontario's climate because they put moisture into the air which cools the climate. Without the lakes the area would be dry and hot.

How did the arrival of European traders affect the peace in the great lakes reigon?

IF the natives did not approve with it

What are the four largest lakes in the country?

The Great Lakes

How do the Great Lakes affect the weather?

the great lake effect the weather because of a rain effect or something like that . What happens is when rain clouds collect the moisture from the lakes it creates a build up inside the clouds then "dumps" the precipitation next to the states of the lakes

How does banning DDT and PCB's affect birds in the great lakes area?

grade 9 science lol

How could the great lakes being denied affect Canada?

they will have to pay more money to ship the goods

How could deneid access to the great lakes affect Canada's futer devolpment?

they will have to pay more for shipping