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The cast of Van Helsing - 2004 includes: Elena Anaya as Aleera Alun Armstrong as Cardinal Jinette Robin Atkin Downes as Additional Voices Kate Beckinsale as Anna Valerious Kacie Borrowman as Dwerger Silvia Colloca as Verona Robbie Coltrane as Mr. Hyde Kathryn Cressida as Aleera Mandy Fabian as Anna Stephen Fisher as Dr. Jekyll Tom Fisher as Top Hat Shuler Hensley as The Frankenstein Monster James Horan as Villager Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing Angie Jaree as Singer Bob Joles as Hyde Will Kemp as Velkan Martin Klebba as Dwerger Jenna Macari as Villager Josie Maran as Marishka Ivo Nanov as Villager Allison Queal as Dwerger Richard Roxburgh as Count Vladislaus Dracula Richard Roxburgh as Dracula Samantha Sommers as Vampire Child Fred Tatasciore as Valerious Courtenay Taylor as Additional Voices Marek Vasut as Villager David Wenham as Carl Samuel West as Dr. Victor Frankenstein Steve Wilcox

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Van Helsing - Hugh Jackman

Anna Valerious - Kate Beckinsale

Dracula - Richard Roxburgh

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Q: What actors were in Van Helsing?
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Is van helsing a vampire?

No Van Helsing is a vampire hunter

What is the first name of van helsing in the film van helsing?


Who has played Van Helsing?

Van Helsing was played by Hugh Jackman.

Dracula's enemy Van Helsing?

Van helsing is a vampire killer

When was Rachel van Helsing created?

Rachel van Helsing was created in 1972.

When was Abraham Van Helsing created?

Abraham Van Helsing was created in 1897.

When was Van Helsing released?

Van Helsing was released on 05/07/2004.

Who is van helsing?

van helsing is a character in ficional movies, and is known with dracula

What was the Production Budget for Van Helsing?

The Production Budget for Van Helsing was $170,000,000.

What actors and actresses appeared in Van Helsing Chronicles - 1997?

The cast of Van Helsing Chronicles - 1997 includes: Patricia Belcher as Nurse Dan Gauthier as Christian Van Helsing Paul Hipp as Det. Ken Tugman Michael Nostrand as Manager Teri Polo as Helena Harker

When was Van Helsing - soundtrack - created?

Van Helsing - soundtrack - was created on 2004-05-04.

How much money did Van Helsing gross worldwide?

Van Helsing grossed $300,150,546 worldwide.