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i think it is a Pokemon called scyther.

scyther and steelix i think but i know that scyther evolves

yes scyther evolves and onix evolve

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 12:00:21
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Q: What Pokemon evolve when traded holding a metal coat in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you evolve seadra on Pokemon platinum?

Seadra has to be traded to someone while it is holding a Dragon Scale in order to evolve.

How do you evolve magmar without trading it in Pokemon platinum?

Magmar must be traded holding the Magmarizer to evolve, no other way.

How do you eolve poygron in Pokemon platinum?

To evolve Porygon in Pokemon Platinum you need to trade it while it is holding the Up-Grade item. This will evolve Porygon into Porygon2. If Porygon2 is traded while holding a Dubious Disc it will evolve into Porygon-Z.

What level does electabuzz evolve platinum?

Electabuzz evolves when traded holding an electrizer.

When does clamperl evolve in Pokemon black?

It evolves into Gorebyss when traded holding a DeepSeaScale or into Huntail when traded holding a DeepSeaTooth.

How do you evolve hunter in Pokemon platinum?

To evolve haunter u have to trade it. As soon as it is traded it will evolve into Gengar.

How do you evolve certain Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum evolve through a variety of methods. Some evolve by increasing their level, some evolve by being traded, and others evolve by being exposed to certain items.

What does electabuzz evolve into in Pokemon?

Electabuzz can evolve into Electivire, while holding a Electirizer and traded.

What does magmar evolve into in Pokemon?

Magmar can evolve into Magmortar, while holding a Magmarizer and traded.

What does the item Electirizer do in Pokemon Platinum?

If an Electabuzz holds it when traded, it will evolve into Electrive.

How do you evolve rhydon on platinum?

Rhydon evolves when the "Protector" is held and the Pokemon is traded.

What Pokemon evolves with protector in Pokemon black?

Rhydon holding the protector and traded will evolve into Rhyperior.

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