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Coronado explored gumdrop city with his budies

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Q: What Country did Coronado explore?
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What month and day was francisco coronado born?

what country did coronado explore

For what country did coronado explore?

New Spain

What country did Francisco coronado explore?

He Explored the new world (Mexico)

What country paid Francisco Vázquez de Coronado to explore?

Spain I Think

What country did coronado explore for and why?

Coronados went to the seven cities of gold cibolo in look for gold

What European country was the first to explore New Mexico?

Spain did, by Franciso Vazquez de Coronado.

What did coronado explore?

fransico coronado explored the mississsippi river

Why did coronado explore?

Coronado explored because he wanted to find treasures.

What person or country did franciso vasquez de coronado explore for?

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado explored for the king and queen of Spain. He also grew up in Spain.

When did coronado explore Arizona?


Where did coronado explore?

new mexico

Where did Coronado go?

Coronado was the first person to explore North America's Southwest.