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bow and arrow hunting gun dagger spiked club

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Q: What 4 weapons does Gaston use in the movie Beauty and the Beast.?
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In the movie Beauty and the Beast who was the bad guy?

Gaston the hunter

In Beauty and the Beast did Gaston marry Belle?

No. She falls in love with the Beast and Gaston falls to his assumed death at the conclusion of the movie

Who is gaston's short friend in the movie Beauty and the Beast?

LeFou, voiced by Jesse Corti

What are some of the songs on Beauty and the Beast?

In the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, some of the songs are "Be Our Guest", "Beauty and the Beast", "Gaston", and "Belle". In the Broadway there are new songs not in the animated movie, like "How Long Must This Go On?" and "If I Can't Love Her".

What is the Name of the tavern in Beauty and the Beast?

Sadly I don't think they ever said the name of Gaston's tavern in the movie.

What are the names of the songs in Beauty and the Beast?

In the order in which they're sung these are the names of all songs in Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Belle Belle (reprise) Gaston Be Our Guest Something There Human Again (note: this song was not included in the original vhs or theatrical versions of the movie but was added to the 2001 and 2012 DVD versions of the film as well as the Broadway version) Beauty and the Beast Kill the Beast Beauty and the Beast (reprise)

What year was the movie Beauty and the Beast created?

Beauty and the Beast is a 1991 film .

How long will he be a beast in Beauty and the Beast movie?

almost for the whole movie

Who does the voice for the beast from the movie Beauty and the Beast?

Robby Benson

What is the name of the Beauty and the Beast cartoon movie that lumiere had a date?

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Chrismas.

Who sings Beauty and the Beast?

In the movie, Mrs. Potts, voiced by Angela Lansbury, sings the song Beauty and the Beast. At the end of the movie, Beauty and the Beast is sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson.

Who was belle?

Belle is the Beauty in the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast"

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