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In the screenplay for 'When Harry Met Sally' it says that they would be getting real couples, not actors, to tell their stories. Of course their would have been some scripting, but they would have been the true stories of the people commenting on their relationships.

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Q: Were the old couples' comments real or scripted in the movie 'When Harry Met Sally'?
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Harry's last name in 'When Harry Met Sally' is 'Burns'.

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Throughout the movie, the story is interrupted with vignettes of older couples telling their stories of how they met. At the end of the movie, Harry races to find Sally at a New Year's Eve party to tell her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. The movie ends with Harry and Sally sitting on a couch telling their story of how they met, much like the earlier vignettes.

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The main actor in the 1989 romantic comedy directed by Rob Reiner "When Harry Met Sally" is Billy Crystal as Harry. The main actress is Meg Ryan as Sally.

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