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Yes. Dallas did help get out Johnny from the burning fire. He risked getting injured (which he did - he got burnt on his arm) to save his friend.

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Q: Was there anything good about Dallas Winston off of the outsiders book?
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When did Dallas Winston die?

The year the book published come on guys dont be lazy

What 3 boys died in the book the outsiders?

Bob Randle, Johnny, Dallas(Dally) Winston

What is Dallas last name in the outsiders?

Johnny "Johnnycake" Cade

Who is the rebellious Greaser that gets killed by the cops?

Dallas Winston. Played by Matt Dillon. In the movie the Outsiders - based on the book The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton.

What did Dallas Winston steal in the outsiders?

Dallas stole many things but in the book he stole two packs of Kools from a shop on the way to the Nightly Double (the movies).

Where was Dallas killed in the book the outsiders?

in the book

What are the characters last and first name of the book the outsiders?

Johnnycade Ponyboy Curtis Darry Curtis Sodapop Curtis Dallas Winston Steve Randle Two-bit

What was Dallas's job in the book The Outsiders?

Dallas worked at the gas station with soda.

Is dally the only girl in the greasers?

if you are talking about the book The Outsiders then no... Dally is his nickname his real name is Dallas Curtis and he is Ponyboy's older brother

What was dally's breaking point in the book outsiders?

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!Dally's breaking point in the novel The Outsiders seemed to be when Johnny had just died because remember, Johnny and Dally seemed to have a close bond with each other.

Why does Dallas Winston have a heater in The Outsiders?

There was no set answer to this in the book. One can infer that it was to keep up the entire tough guy act that he did and to protect the ones he loved.

What is sodas stereotype of the greasers in the book the outsiders?

1 stereotype is that all Greasers are hood. 2 All of them are dumb or uneducated. 3 All Greasers are poor. 4. All Greasers are failures. 5 All greasers are like Dallas Winston.