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Not in the sense that we think of one. There were four restaurants, all of which no doubt served alcohol, and many stewards who would supply drinks as desired. She stocked 15,000 bottles of ale (beer), 1,000 bottles of wine, 850 bottles of liquor and 8,000 complimentary cigars. That doesn't even count what the passengers brought aboard in their luggage.

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Yes there was. It was on the ground floor near to first class cabins. It had few beds for ill people and was the first room to be flooded and sink when the Titanic hit the iceberg and sank.

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Q: Was there a hospital on the Titanic ship?
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Was the younger ship of Titanic giganic?

Titanic had two sister ships, one of them was the Olympic, which came before titanic in 1911, and the Brittanic, which was originaly supposed to be named Gigantic. Britanic sank in 1916 at the meditteranean as a WW1 hospital ship

When was the RMS Titanic completed?

The RMS Titanic was completed March 31, 1912.

Were there Midwifes on the Titanic?

The titanic didn't have midwives on board, however the ship did have a hospital and an isolation ward. The doctors on board would have been trained to deal with anything such as births.

Is titanic was the biggest ship?

Titanic was the largest ship in 1912.

Is the smallest ship the Titanic?

Titanic was the largest ship of its kind when it was built

What was the name of the ship closer to the Titanic?

The ship closer to the titanic was the Californian

Was the Titanic a real ship?

Yes, the Titanic was a real ship, and yes it sank.

Was the titanic the biggest ship in britain?

Titanic, in her time, was the largest ship in the world.

In the Titanic's time was a ship bigger than the Titanic?

During The Titanic's time it was the biggest ship around, closely followed by its sister ship "The Olympic"

What was the Titanic's nickname?

The Unsinkable, the last word in luxury, the ship of dreams the millionaire's ship, and the wonder ship titanic

What was rms Titanic's sister ship called?

The Titanic sister ship was The Olympic and the Britannic

Where did the ship Titanic was sailing?

the was sailing ship titanic where to sailing was new york