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Yes freedom writers dairy was a true story and it was a book that was published in 1999

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2008-07-07 01:04:53
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Q: Was the freedom writers dairy a true story?
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What is freedom writers about?

the freedom writers is about gangs life drama and its a true story its a book u will want to read no matter what happens no it aint its about a couple of students that get a new teacher and the teaher is tryin to hep them

Why was Freedom writers created?

Because it's based on a true storie and the Freedom Writers book got published. Then they made a movie about it.

Is 'I am David' a true story?

No, unfortunatley, I Am David isn't a true story, it was based on the novel North to Freedom.

Red Badge of Courage a true story?

No, but it was based on the writers experience in the war.

Is Insidious the movie based on a true story?

No, as far as I can tell, the writers have never claimed that Insidious (2011) is based on or even inspired by a true story.

How is a autobiography distinct from a fictional story?

Because in fictional stories nothing is true and in a autobiography the writer writers about his life events which are true.

Was Poltergeist a true story?

NO! Not every movie is based on a true story! Fiction writers are perfectly capable of coming up with an imaginary story.When a movie or book is based on a true story, it is almost always advertised as such. They will tell you!The Poltergeist story was written by Steven Spielberg.

Where did the writers get the information from for Saving Private Ryan?

It was loosely based of the true story of the Nilah Brothers during WWII.

Is ragini mms is a true story?

No it is not. Many films are made which are said to be 'based' on a true story. The writers then go on to make up something entirely fictitious. The most notable recent example is the film "Titanic"

Who is known as the queen of true crime writers?

Agatha Cristie is known as the queen of true crime writers

Is The Secret Life Of The American Teenager fiction or non-fiction?

It is not based on a true story, but the writers wrote the story to try and teach teens a little more about teen pregnancy. It is fiction. It is not true, but deals with real life scenarios.

What is the opposite of dairy?

Silly but true, it´s ´non-dairy products´.

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