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Smackdown beat Raw at last years bragging rights when Raw's Big Show pulled a Benedict Arnold and helped team Smackdown win.

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Q: WWe did RAW bet Smack down bragging rights?
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Who won raw or smackdown at braggin right?

smack down Team Smackdown won at bragging rights 2009

Which is better smackdown vs raw 2010 or dragon ball raging blast?

smack down won at bragging rights so smackdown 2009

When is smack down vs raw coming out in psp?

There are 5 smack down vs raw games for psp smack down vs raw 2006 smack down vs raw 2007 smack down vs raw 2008 smack down vs raw 2009 smack down vs raw 2010

Who was the winner at bragging rights in the match of raw vs smack down?

no one really cares...its the worst scripted and fake things ever since preschool plays...actually i think preschoolers act better then those wrestlers...

Does smackdown vs raw 2010 have bragging rights?


When is Smack Down vs Raw 2010 coming out?

smack down vs. raw is coming out this fall of 2009.

Who won in smack down vs raw?


Has Smack down VS Raw even been announced yet?

Smack down V.S raw has been anounced

Did which team win in WWE bragging rights team smackdown or team raw?

Team Smackdown won bragging rights 2 years straight

Who won in Smackdown vs Raw bragging rights 2010?


Was alex riley on team raw for bragging rights 2010?

No but he was at ringside.

What team is the undertaker on smack down or raw?

For now, he is on Raw.