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It is a big industry including your local tv station. It is alos part of the entertainment industry, involving film, music, books and other things. To see what I mean, read the article link. Hope this helps.

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Q: Size of television industry
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Information processors physicians teachers and television technicians are part of what industry?

They are part of various industries: physicians are part of the healthcare industry, teachers are in the education industry, and television technicians are in the media and entertainment industry.

What became the fastest growing industry in the us during the 1950?

The television industry.

What is the difference between a Grammy and an Emmy?

The only difference is as to which part of the entertainment industry they refer. Oscars Movie industry Tonys Theatre industry Emmys TV industry Grammys Music industry

What became the fastest-growing industry in the US during the 1950's?

The television industry.

What are the release dates for The Industry - 2014 TV?

The Industry - 2014 TV was released on: USA: 25 February 2014 (internet)

What became the fastest-growing industry in the US during the 1950?

The television industry.

What actors and actresses appeared in Viewpoints Industry TV - 2013?

The cast of Viewpoints Industry TV - 2013 includes: Terry Bradshaw as Himself - Host

Has cable television been a profitable industry?

Cable TV Industry Yes, cable TV has been a profitable industry. Its margins are now being cut by increased competition from satellite TV companies like dish and DirecTV along with the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

What has the author Mark Oderman written?

Mark Oderman has written: 'Current trends in the direct broadcast satellite industry' -- subject- s -: Artificial satellites in telecommunication, Market surveys, Telecommunication equipment industry, Television, Television supplies industry

What are the release dates for Time Machine Trucks - Wheels of Industry - 1994 TV?

Time Machine Trucks - Wheels of Industry - 1994 TV was released on: USA: 1994

What is the estimated size of Indian express industry?

i need to know the size of Indian express industry.

What competitive forces have challenged the television industry?

Internet appears to be playing an increasingly prominent role in televisions business strategy than it has in the past. The case study explores tendencies in television industry’s recent endeavors from an IT point of view. Television industry is losing viewers to the internet streaming of television programming. According to Laudon & Laudon, 2012, “the number of cord-cutting U.S. households is predicted to double to about 1.6 million.”(pg.118) A major problem that has been created for the television industry is the loss of revenue from prescribers and advertisers the television industry is embracing this change by using the internet as another delivery system for it content.