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This riddle is from the biblical story of Samson. Samson had killed a young lion and left it where he killed it. Later that day he returned and found a swarm of bees and honey inside the lion's carcass. He ate some and later gave some to his parents though he did not tell them where he got it. Samson was about to be married and gave a feast with about thirty other men in attendance. He told them if they could answer a riddle he would give them thirty linen garments and thirty changes of clothes. This is when he posed the riddle "Out of the eater came something to eat. Out of the strong came something sweet."

For three days they had no clue as to what the answer was. Finally after a week they threatened Samson's wife with death by fire and would burn her father's house down if she didn't get the answer from him. After crying and wailing for seven days Samson just couldn't take it any longer and finally told her the answer which was:

"What is sweeter than honey and what is stronger than a lion."

They told Samson the riddle to which he responded by saying "if you had not plowed with my heifer you would not have solved the riddle."

The mighty man was so ticked that he went into the town of Ashkelon and knocked off thirty of their men, took their clothes and gave them to the men at the feast. Samson's wife was then given to his best man.

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Q: Out of the eater came something to eat Out of the strong came something sweet?
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