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no because sponge bob is not real it is a TV show

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Q: Is there a way that your son can call sponge bob or sponge bob call your son?
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Is there a way your son can call sponge bob or sponge bob call your son?

no beacause sponge bob is not real it is a tv show

How does sponge bob wear his socks?

regular what other way will he were them

Why is Sponge bob drawn the way he is?

Because if a sponge had a face, arms, legs and wore pants, that's what it'd look like.

Does sponge bob like boys?

Sponge bob is not mature enough to know one way or the other he is just extremely friendly.

Is there a way to meet sponge bob from club penguin?

no im not sure i dont play it.

Why is spongbob always happy?

Sponge bob Square pants is a Nickelodeon TV show about a sea sponge living under the sea in a place called Bikini Bottom. I believe the reason Sponge bob is always happy is because the producers want the viewer to relate to the character. What I mean by this is that Sponge bob is childlike and a large popularity of the shows viewers are kids, so they want the children to feel connected to him in a way. Also, kids tend to be very smiley and happy, so that would explain why Sponge bob is happy.Hope this helps :)

Bob Sponge could key a car for revenge?

I do not understand your question. If you are foreign, you might want to study your English better. By the way, his name is Spongebob.

Is Spongebob Squarepants a sponge or a sea sponge?

they both are sponges! copy this address and paste it in the address bar and you will see the comparison! -spongebob maneac They both live in the ocean and can absorb water,otherwise nothing at all They both live in the ocean and can absorb water,otherwise nothing at all

Is sponge bob a nerd?

Yes, of course he is, not only because of his look but because the way he is laughing and because of his look anyway i think that he was made for some sort of purpose .

Why is SpongeBob a sponge?

Spongebob was originally actually going to be called Spongeboy. However they couldn't go ahead with the name because it was already copyrighted by a company that makes mops, as one of their mops are called "Spongeboy". The creators still felt that the name had to have "sponge" in it, so people didn't mistake him for cheese. So the creators simply changed the last letter of his name. From Boy to Bob. It is not known whether his name is actually "Bob" or not, the creators just thought it sounded catchy (plus, sponge naturally bobs in water).

What do you call the Bob Marley theme for blackberry curve?

bob marley housing are you talking about the actual software on the phone or the way the phone looks from the outside?

Sesame stret muppet was inspired by the tv catoon sponge bob square pants?

Seasame Street has beed around WAY longer than spongebob so that isn't possible.