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Black coral is an endangered species and it is illegal to bring it into Canada and the US.

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Q: Is it illegal to bring black coral into Canada?
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Hawaii's state gem or mineral?

Obviously Black Coral.

Is black coral rare?

Black Coral is rare, extremely rare...

What illegal practices destroy the coral reef?

Illegal practices that can destroy coral reefs include illegal fishing methods like dynamite or cyanide fishing, pollution from untreated sewage or chemicals, and illegal coral harvesting for the aquarium trade or use in jewelry. These practices can harm coral reefs by damaging the coral structure, disrupting the ecosystem balance, and reducing the resilience of the reef to environmental stressors.

What is Black Coral?

Coral are small animals that build colonies in warm tropical waters. The coral reef is the ecoskelton of the animal. Black coral is just one color of coral ecoskelton.

What is a black coral?

A black coral is any of various tropical corals of the family Antipathidae.

Are starfish coral?

No, starfish can move. Coral cannot move. Starfish have a mouth with which to eat. Coral bring in nutrients through tendrils.

Are there coral reefs on the coast of Canada?

no there isnt.

What is the meaning of receiving hawaiian black coral neckless?

Hawaiian black coral is the Hawaiian state gem stone. Black coral colonies take 50 years to mature. Receiving a black coral necklace is a way to cure arthritis and gout, and has been used for centuries for this purpose.

Is it legal to take coral from the beaches?

I think that if the coral is lying on the beach, then yes, it is okay to take it home. But it is illegal to grab a piece of coral from the ocean and take it home because you are hurting the coral.

Legal or illegal to take coral from the Great Barrier Reef?

Illegal The Great barrier reef is protected

What is hawaiis state stone?

Hawaii's state stone is black coral, represented by the species Antipatharia. Black coral is commonly found in deep waters around the Hawaiian Islands and is known for its black or dark brown coloration.

Can buy Black coral jewelry in Mexico and bring it home to the states?

Of course. If however, it is valued above certain price - such as $10,000 - you must declare it to pay the appropriate taxes.